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Review 2004

BETHSAIDA thanks Stade

Late 2004


After the spontaneous collection campaign by the Stade local fire brigade, in which many people took part, BETHSAIDA sends many good wishes to Stade. We at the association would also like to thank the organizers and donors from the bottom of our hearts. Your willingness to help was overwhelming!


Stader fire brigade collects for tsunami victims

December 30, 2004


The Stade local fire brigade spontaneously decided to raise funds for the flood victims in Asia in order to help people in dire need. After an initiative by Martina Köpcke-Lausch, many volunteers took part immediately. Not only helpers from the active group were involved,
the youth fire brigade and the age department also joined. On Thursday, things were collected around the Stader horse market, in the shopping streets and at Marktkauf. The collecting pots were filled quickly. Few passed by. The collection campaign continued the next day.


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