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For young women without training


Young women from the surrounding villages attend the practical courses offered in the workshops on the grounds of the St. Therese Residential School.
For various reasons, these women have dropped out of school or because of their financial background, they are unable to complete other advanced training courses. During the day you come to the workshops on foot or by bus.
The training courses are recognized by the state and conclude with a diploma.
Fashion Design and Garment Technology FDGT-Course
The two-year course includes: design, tailoring and sewing with a sewing machine, knitting, embroidery.
The women contribute around 100 rupees per month to the training costs (≈ 1.32 EUR - as of 02/2016).
On the basis of the diploma, the young women receive a loan from the banks to buy a sewing machine (7000 Rs ≈ 92.45 EUR - as of 02/2016) and thus an opportunity to earn money.
Kerala Government Technical Education KGTE-Course
Here the women learn to type on typewriters and computers. This course lasts 6 months and costs 50 rupees per month (≈ 0.66 EUR - as of 02/2016). At the end there is also a diploma from the Indian state.
The girls from the St. Therese Residential School and the Marion Public School can also take part in the courses, provided that school lessons permit. For them the lessons are free of charge.


Earning opportunities


The young women earn a small wage in the bookbinding and printing works.
At the moment, the weaving mill only produces articles for instruction and for personal use, as foreign competition is suppressing profit opportunities. These women also receive a small wage.
With the money they earn, the women can later pay part of their marriage dowry. Indian society requires the families of marriageable girls to pay immense sums of money to the groom's family. Usually these marriages are arranged. Women in India can only hold a respected place in Indian society through marriage or as a nun.



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