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Review 2014

Mourning for Eberhard Lieber

in November 2014


Dear friends of support for BETHSAIDA - friendship with India,
unfortunately we have to publish sad news today.
Eberhard Lieber passed away on November 10, 2014. He was one of the founding members of the association and has been to BETHSAIDA several times.
We think of him and thank him for what he has done for BETHSAIDA. Our thoughts are also with his wife Elsbeth.
Susanne Budwasch

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


On behalf of my family and "our Indian friends", I thank you for the sympathy that has been shown to us. The willingness to donate on the occasion of my dear husband's departure was overwhelming. Especially in these difficult times, it was good to learn that so many people support our idea of "friends help friends".

Again thank you very much!

On behalf of all relatives
Elsbeth dear


Anniversary in Switzerland

July 13, 2014


We congratulate our sister association FMI in Switzerland on its tenth anniversary and wish those responsible for many more years of beneficial work for the social projects of our mutual friend Frederick Thomas and his uncle Father Bernadine.


Internet raffle for BETHSAIDA

Fall 2014


At this point we would like to thank everyone, also on behalf of Frederick Thomas, who supported this campaign with raffle purchases, prize donations and an auction. Over 2,300 lots were sold and more than 300 prizes donated. Some participants waived their winnings, these winnings were put into an auction and brought in a further 250 euros.


As requested, this amount of over 2,550 euros was used to support the orphanages.



Internetverlosung 2014
Birthday donation

Summer 2014


Our member Gabi Schierloh did without presents for her birthday and asked for a donation for BETHSAIDA in their place.


This resulted in a considerable amount, which we sent to India with heartfelt thanks.


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