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With an annual contribution of EUR 20 per year you can become a member of the association "Support for Bethsaida - Friendship with India eV" and thereby support the association. Your membership fees and donations guarantee the continuation and expansion of the project work in BETHSAIDA.


As a member of the association, you will be regularly informed about the latest projects and invited to the general meetings.

"Do your best to help those who are not as privileged as you are, so that they can exist without hunger and bitter poverty, regardless of whether they live on your doorstep or in another part of the world."

(Ervin Laszlo, "You can change the world")

Donate online with a credit card or your PayPal account

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Support for Bethsaida - friendship with India eV


IBAN: DE30241510051000027795


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Sponsors, donors in kind and volunteer work


Many thanks to our sponsors and donors in kind and to everyone who volunteers in and for our association!


It is only through their material and time expenditure that it is possible to keep our expenses for the club's work very small. This benefits the BETHSAIDA training and social projects directly.




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