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Review 2008

Donation from the elementary school Bargstedt - share and help

December 08, 2008


This year, too, the children of the Bargstedt elementary school were able to collect a considerable sum at their autumn bazaar by selling many of their own handicrafts, which they share with the orphans in BETHSAIDA. With the donated money, a child could, for example, live and study in the orphanage for a whole year. The donation was presented by the class representatives of the fourth grade during an Advent singing.


We thank everyone involved for their solidarity.

The Rainbow Children



The collection for BETHSAIDA was collected in a church service in July with the children of the rainbow kindergarten in Ahlerstedt. The educator Iris Behrends campaigned for this and also arranged the handover of the money with the children, educators and the manager.

We showed the children photos of BETHSAIDA and told them about life in the orphanages so that they know where and whom they are helping with their donations.


We would like to thank the head of the kindergarten, the teachers and especially Iris Behrends and of course the donors for their commitment.

BETHSAIDA in geography class

Summer 2008


This is absolutely new!
As part of the geography class, the Buxtehude student Ghadi Hamze dealt with BETHSAIDA. On the task "How can we work in our immediate environment for the goals formulated in Agenda 21?" he wrote a home exam in which he describes the work for the orphans of BETHSAIDA and life in the orphanages.


Among other things, he comes to the conclusion "Personally, I am very happy that the orphans are being helped and that the money arrives where it is needed". Thank you, Ghadi!

VLG class is committed

July 2008


We would also like to thank class 6 F2 of the VLG, who, at the suggestion of their class leader Ms. Dreyer, donated to BETHSAIDA at the end of the school year.

High school year 2008 of the Vincent-Lübeck-Gymnasium dedicates collections from the farewell service

June 26, 2008


We would also like to thank class 6 F2 of the VLG, who, at the suggestion of their class leader Ms. Dreyer, donated to BETHSAIDA at the end of the school year.

4th benefit tournament of TSV Wiepenkathen

March 09, 2008


For the fourth time, TSV Wiepenkathen organized a youth football tournament in favor of BETHSAIDA. We would like to thank everyone involved in the organization and support, the active people and the donors and sponsors.


News straight from BETHSAIDA

March 2008


Dear members and sponsors!

During our stay in BETHSAIDA from February 4th to March 5th, we visited the orphanages twice.

In the large, bright girls' orphanage, we found the usual friendly atmosphere and once again marveled at the large quantities of fruit, vegetables, rice and eggs that are processed there in a single day for the currently 400 girls and 400 boys. Everything is going well - including the lessons. The girls were busy with mock exams, which were supposed to provide information about what might still have to be worked through before the state exams in March. The teachers did not complain about the additional corrections.

For two years Frederick has been trying to make improvements to the boys orphanage.
The ailing electrical switchgear has been replaced; instead of the old washing area, plenty of showers and toilets have been built and have been in operation since mid-2007. The 150 “tsunami boys” that Frederick took in at the beginning of 2005 and quartered them in hastily built accommodations behind the orphanage are now also being integrated spatially. The shell of an extension in the schoolyard of the boys orphanage is finished. It contains classrooms and dormitories that we want to help furnish this year.

And Frederick dreams of workshops for the boys. Just as the girls' orphanage has a bookbinding and weaving mill and girls are taught cutting and sewing, one day workshops (carpentry, plumbing, electronics, etc.) will also be built to train boys who are less talented in the academic field and more in the craft sector .
The ground-level hospital ward, in which two doctors work constantly, has been expanded to include an X-ray laboratory. The possibility of adding a floor has been provided for years. If it is financially feasible, Frederick would like to add a gynecological department because many women from the surrounding (52) fishing settlements with whom they trust are in need of treatment, but do not have the money or the courage to visit a state hospital.

Our support is needed not only for the daily care of the children, but also to support Frederick's social ideas.

Greetings very warmly

Elsbeth and Eberhard Lieber

2008 Documentation available as a film for BETHSAIDA


Elsbeth and Eberhard Lieber have combined their footage from their last visit to India into a very appealing film documentary. On request, they can present the film about the orphanages and, if necessary, a film about the work of the local fishermen. This offer is aimed primarily at school classes and other interested groups.

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