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Center for training and social projects


Today, BETHSAIDA stands as a generic term for a number of interlocking, diverse and demanding training and social projects that focus on the life cycle of the people in this region and make impressive use of diverse synergies. The support is provided exclusively by Indian specialists who are very familiar with the local language and the local conditions.


BETHSAIDA does not receive any state or church aid. With the financial support of his family, Frederick Thomas carried out all the projects on his own. A part of this financial means comes from the profits of the hotel complex BETHSAIDA Hermitage with Ayurveda center.


With our non-profit association “Support for Bethsaida - Friendship with India eV” and the partner association “Friendship with India” Switzerland, along with other donors  energetic donors involved in the projects.


Our association aims to support individual, defined projects within the BETHSAIDA center - with minimal administrative effort and free personal commitment - with membership fees and donations.


"You can change the world!"

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