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"In addition to school and vocational training "

Medical care

In BETHSAIDA there is a fully equipped dental practice where the people who live in BETHSAIDA and those in need from the surrounding fishing villages receive fast and good dental help. The dental practice is integrated in a hospital building that can be used at short notice if required.


Day care centers for elderly people in need

There are also 2 day care centers for elderly people in need on the BETHSAIDA site. After the schoolchildren have arrived at the respective schools, they will be taken by school bus from the fishing villages to BETHSAIDA and back again. They get food from the BETHSAIDA central kitchen, which in turn provides workplaces.

Own school buses

The school buses are used efficiently as part of a small transport system. First they pick up or bring the schoolchildren from the surrounding villages. Afterwards, the elderly in need are brought to the day care centers.


Efficiency of wide-written in BETHSAIDA. The infrastructure should be used as optimally as possible and people should find support in every life situation. BETHSAIDA offers people friendship for life.

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