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Vocational training centers

School leavers

It was not always easy for the school leavers to find adequate training courses in the "residential schools" after they had finished school. Frederick Thomas responded to this by founding a state-recognized vocational school in July 2010. A first branch of training here is training in the hotel industry - at the "Trivandrum Hotel School". To further develop this branch of training, our Swiss partner association was able to win a hotel manager from Switzerland in 2013, who was on site in an advisory capacity for 2 months. Since then, volunteers have been coming regularly to pass on their know-how on site.


Parallel to the "Trivandrum Hotel School", the "BETHSAIDA College of Arts and Science" offers the possibility of a bachelor's degree at the University of Trivandrum.


Graduates who meet the qualifications and are recommended by the teachers have the opportunity to work at the BETHSAIDA Hermitage & Health Resort and other hotels in Kerala involved in the school project, provided there are vacancies.


Carmelite Convent

Even if religion does not play a role in BETHSAIDA, the work and social projects are based on the principle of Christian charity. In addition, BETHSAIDA has a certain tradition as a former monastery. In the sister community "Carmelites of Divine Mercy", young women who choose this path are trained to become nuns during a very complex training period.


Religious women enjoy a high status in Indian society. They can exercise their influence and do a lot of good after their training in the villages as teachers, nurses or social workers.

Young women without a school leaving certificate

There are numerous young women around BETHSAIDA who dropped out of school for various reasons or did not enjoy any further education for financial reasons. They are offered the opportunity to complete a two-year, state-recognized training course in the workshops on the grounds of the St. Therese Residential School for girls or to earn a small wage in the in-house printing and bookbinding shop.


The professional qualifications made possible by BETHSAIDA are state-recognized and help young people - especially girls and young women - to be able to lead an independent life.



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