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Review 2010

Ahlerstedter ABC-Schützen families donate to BETHSAIDA

August 2010


As part of the well-attended church service for school beginners on August 7, 2010, a donation was made for the schooling of the children in BETHSAIDA. After a short report about the BETHSAIDA projects and the awareness of how well equipped our first graders are compared to the children in India, we were happy to donate.

The Rebenbogenkindergarten is pleased to be able to support the association "Support for Bethsaida Friendship with India eV" with an amount of 296.92 euros and is thus once again committed to the poor children in South India.

Iris Behrends

Heartfelt guest in Stade

August 2010


Even if the visit was only brief, Frederick Thomas gave us great pleasure with his visit to Stade. He met some club members and was received in the town hall. During his visit he presented his diverse social projects.

Here is the report from the daily newspaper


We are grateful that he has given us "his time" and have given him greetings to his family - including Father Bernadine - along the way.


We wish him good health and lots of strength for his meritorious work.



BETHSAIDA report for the Vincent Lübeck High School

June 2010


Eberhard Lieber describes the development of BETHSAIDA and his personal impressions. This time six years after the tsunami disaster, in which a lot could be moved, but the disaster has not been forgotten for a long time.

To the report




Benefit concert for BETHSAIDA

May 2010


On May 2nd, Julia Heiter, who completed an internship at BETHSAIDA in March, and Bettina Haastert - both of whom are medical students in Magdeburg - organized a concert with friends. After intensive rehearsals, they presented it to the public. 130 grateful listeners then donated 1005 euros for BETHSAIDA.


We congratulate the young musicians on their success and commitment and thank them very much.




Water for the orphanage

January / February 2010


The well that is supposed to feed the showers for the boys orphanage has almost dried up. The geomancy master Steffen Wagner from Limbach-Ob. in Germany was on site and successfully used his skills. He determined the place where the hole for a new well was drilled. Now the supply line to the showers approx. 200 meters away is missing. An English woman wants to donate the money for it.


We are happy about it!




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