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St. Therese Residential School

School and dormitory for girls


A large, friendly building, the school with dormitory “St. Therese Residential School ”, opened for more than 400 girls at the time.


This building also contains:

  • The classrooms of the “St. Therese “School

  • the office for the administration of the "Animators' Programs"

  • the central large kitchen


The house is in good condition, the interior is spartan. Some sleep on the floor on mats, some on very simple bunk beds without a mattress. The girls' clothes and the few belongings are kept in pockets along the wall.


For teaching natural science subjects (chemistry / physics and computer lessons)  and for physical education the girls are taken to the "Marion Public School" by school bus.


By Indian standards, offering physical education for girls is already a major step forward in the pursuit of equality.

In the central kitchen set up in the girls' house, meals are prepared for the two dormitories, for the teachers and for the two day care centers for elderly people in need.

As of 05/2019: There are currently 290 girls between the ages of 10 and 17 living in the St. Therese Residential School. You get good food, education, and accommodation; none of this would be guaranteed at home. Most children can later learn professions such as teachers or nurses. As a rule, they do not take up any higher professions. Girls with learning difficulties have the opportunity to learn crafts such as bookbinding, sewing, embroidery or keyboard typing.

Currently 50 girls are orphans, others come from large fishing families or are half-wise men. In cyclone Ockhi two years ago, for example, more than 100 fishermen were killed, leaving families behind in many cases.  

The food costs are currently 300 Rs. Per day and child (approx. 1,250 EUR per year and child, which is approx. 363,500 EUR for 290 children  per year). A teacher's wages are Rs 10,000 per month (approx. EUR 130) plus food.


We are pleased that we can make a financial contribution with our association.

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