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Hotel Management School

"Trivandrum Hotel School"


At the "Trivandrum Hotel School" (= THS), selected students from the two "Residential Schools" are accepted by their teachers. The training is free for them. Pupils from foreign schools are also increasingly joining the "Trivandrum Hotel School", they pay for their training.
In July 2010 the first 20 students were accepted for a two-year course in "Hotel Management". The course includes theory and practice. The newly constructed training building has all the facilities you need to learn and practice typical hotel work. The trainees receive their practical training at reception, in the kitchen, in service and  in housekeeping. During a three-month internship at other hotels in Kerala  the students can apply what they have learned. Upon successful completion, the graduates receive a diploma recognized by the Indian state.
Practically all graduates have found a job, be it at the Bethsaida Hermitage or in hotels in the near and far area.




"College of Arts and Science"


In parallel to their training at the hotel management school, all students attend the university in Trivandrum on the weekends. After the third year, they can obtain a bachelor's degree in business administration,  Do computer science or sociology. Depending on your requirements and qualifications, you can then continue your studies.


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