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The board of directors

"BETHSAIDA's friends"

Beatrice Blum

Elisabeth Eisenhut


Christine Borgwardt


Tanja Brunner

Support for Bethsaida - friendship with India eV


IBAN: DE30241510051000027795


Donation account


Board support for Bethsaida - Friendship with India


1st chairman: Beatrice Blum

2nd chairwoman: Elisabeth Eisenhut

Treasurer: Tanja Brunner

Secretary: Christine Borgwardt

The duties of the board members include:


  • to maintain personal contact with BETHSAIDA

  • to follow the progress and further development of the projects

  • Information and exchange with members

  • Planning and coordination of actions

  • Maintaining contacts with partner organizations

All board members work on a voluntary basis and bear their own expenses.

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