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Animators' programs

Supervisors in the surrounding villages


Since 1997, Frederick Thomas has set up an aid and counseling program for 52 villages in the area. Each congregation is assigned an "animator",
ie a supervisor whose job it is to discuss problems with the villagers and to find solutions. Each “animator” is supported by 4 helpers, so-called “leaders”, in her locality. The "animators"  are paid for their work by BETHSAIDA. All carers meet once a month under the guidance of an experienced woman in BETHSAIDA to exchange ideas about problems in their villages and to look for solutions together.
This project enables the women in the villages to become more capable of acting and promotes self-help among the population.
The tasks of the supervisors are:

  • Support for parents with regard to their children's schooling (checking regular school attendance and homework)

  • Accompanying the young people from the "Residential Schools" during their monthly visits to their home villages

  • Mediation of simple hygiene measures

  • Drinking water program

  • A community development program

  • Support for the elderly in need

  • Prayer circles


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