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Review 2012

Children (and parents) donate for children

in December 2012


In the pre-Christmas church services, the pupils of the Trenknerstraße primary school in Hamburg learned of Frederick's commitment to the orphans and made generous donations.


We thank you very much for that!

Great commitment

in December 2012


Mrs. Itamar Neumeier was in BETHSAIDA and visited the two orphanages. She was deeply touched and impressed by the encounter with the children. After her return to Germany, she reported about it and asked for donations from friends and family.


500 euros are the reward for their commitment and we say thank you very much on behalf of the children.


Frederick Thomas visits Stade

August 2012


That summer, Frederick Thomas came to Stade for a few days. We held a meeting with association members and interested parties and, among other things, learned something about how the former orphans are doing in the hotel management training course in BETHSAIDA.


This time, too, Frederick's visit and his work in and for BETHSAIDA met with great interest: here is the report in the daily newspaper



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