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Support for Bethsaida - Friendship with India is an association registered in Germany. The association is non-profit and aims to raise funds to support the BETHSAIDA education and social projects of Frederick Thomas and his employees in Kerala. BETHSAIDA consists of schools with dormitories for several hundred young people, an English-speaking day school, a vocational training center and a hospital with a dental practice.

The association wants to enable girls in particular to attend school and vocational training.



Help for self-help according to the motto "A friendship for life".



















The association was founded as a non-profit association under German law on January 31, 2003 in Stade. The seat of the association is in Hünstetten today.



The board and members work on a voluntary basis and without reimbursement of expenses. The costs for public relations and administration are kept as low as possible. The association finances its work through membership fees, donations and sponsorship money.


Our association is a tax-exempt, non-profit association. Donations can therefore be deducted from your tax return. For donations of EUR 100 or more, a donation receipt will be issued at the end of the year without being requested to do so. Donation receipts or donations of less than EUR 100 can be issued during the year on request. In order to be able to make use of the tax deductibility, the association members should be resident in Germany.

Members (as of July 2019)

The association has 117 members.


The annual fee is EUR 20.

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