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"Kerala's best kept secret"


The paradisiacal holiday complex “BETHSAIDA Hermitage” is located in an unobstructable prime location right by the sea, very close to the “Rosa Mystica Residential School”. This ecologically managed hotel with its own Ayurveda center was opened in December 2005.


In order to preserve the existing palm forest as much as possible, all buildings were built by hand and largely without machines, sustainably from local natural materials.


The purpose of the resort is to finance the various social projects of the BETHSAIDA center with the profits from the hotel business and to create safe jobs and training positions for the local population.


The facility is located in a coconut palm forest with papaya trees, a herb garden and countless flowers. Guests have direct access to an enchanting beach and can take a dip in the waves of the Arabian Sea under the supervision of a lifeguard (strong waves and currents) or relax on the sun loungers next to the two spacious swimming pools in the beautiful hotel park.


An Ayurveda medical team looks after the guests individually and in the Ayurveda center, well-trained therapists take care of the  traditional treatments offered. In the mornings and evenings, an experienced teacher teaches yoga and invites you to meditate.


In addition to the Ayurveda diet, Indian and Keralesian specialties are served in the restaurant. Some of the vegetables, fruits and herbs come from a farm belonging to the hotel. Fish is obtained from local fishermen.


There are different types of accommodation: in terraced houses there are hotel rooms with a sea view and scattered in the garden are simple cottages and typical Kerala houses. A wide variety of rooms are available for seminars.


The natural architectural style, its own bay and the staff make this resort an exceptional holiday destination.


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