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Review 2007

To the 2007 annual financial statements - straight from BETHSAIDA

in December 2007


Fortunately, a year without bad news comes to an end in BETHSAIDA. The large new sanitary area at the boys' orphanage (50 showers and 25 toilets) could - thanks in part to our donations - be completed and put into operation just before the rainy season.

We wish the orphans and everyone who looks after them on site, as well as all donors and friends of BETHSAIDA, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The board of directors


In September 2007


The fate of every single human being is inextricably linked with the fate of the whole of humanity. (Thich Nhat Hanh) Many people have expressed their solidarity with Fritz Köhlmoos and his family through generous donations and thus complied with the wish of Ms. Ilonka Köhlmoos. She had asked for her husband's commitment to the orphans in BETHSAIDA to be honored in this way.


We would like to thank the Köhlmoos family and all donors from the bottom of our hearts.



In August 2007



TSV Wiepenkathen benefit tournament

March 25, 2007


For the third time, TSV Wiepenkathen got involved with BETHSAIDA and held a charity soccer tournament on Sunday, March 25th, 2007. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., youth teams worked hard for a good cause. Supervisors and parents accompanied them, board members organized the tournament and the surrounding area, and numerous parents prepared meals for the second breakfast, for lunch and cakes in the afternoon and sold them for a good cause. Thanks to everyone's commitment, 555 euros were raised for the BETHSAIDA orphanages.


We would like to thank everyone involved, especially the active players, because with this contribution almost two orphans can be looked after, fed and given lessons for a whole year.

Easter bazaar of the elementary school in Bargstedt

March 11, 2007


Once again, a large part of the income from the Easter Bazaar goes to the orphanages of BETHSAIDA.
One of the many stalls sold and donated only for BETHSAIDA. The parents' representative, Ms. Jensen, looked after the stand, in addition to which two screens with photos provided information about the two orphanages.


We thank you for this commitment.


Benefit concert in the Stader Rathaus, Königsmarcksaal

February 11, 2007


The charity concert of the choir and theater association Wiepenkathen with its adult choir and the children and youth choir "Regenbogen" for the benefit of the orphanages of BETHSAIDA was a great success.

A colorful program from the repertoires of both choirs was offered, some of which they even presented together. The singers between the ages of 5 and 80 sang songs from all over the world. Not only the sound experience but also the donation result was outstanding. Well over 900 euros were donated, and the active chairwoman of the choir association Kristin Nygaard added a substantial amount from a collecting house that was filled during the choir rehearsals over the past year. A total of 1,200 euros was raised.


We would like to thank the singers both for their initiative and for the brisk concert. We also thank all visitors who donated so generously.

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