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"Carmelites of Divine Mercy"

Carmelite monastery with convent school


The women's monastery with attached convent school was inaugurated in July 2010. It is an offer to young women who feel called to a spiritual life. Father Bernardine, the uncle of Frederick Thomas, is the founder and spiritual director of this congregation of Carmelites. The pupils are looked after and trained by experienced nuns and priests from the area.
As the first step on the way to becoming a nun, the young women complete a one-year “initiation” - an introduction to the community. This is followed by a six-month “postulate”. During this time, the candidates will be examined for their vocation to religious life. The “postulate” is followed by a two-year “novitiate”. Those newly admitted to the community are now referred to as novices. Overall, the spiritual education lasts 3 1/2 years and ends with the solemn religious vows - the "profession".

​​​ In August 2014, the first novices took their vows and became nuns.

After completing their spiritual training, the young nuns remain in the convent for about 3 years. During this time they can complete vocational training or distance learning (e.g. as a nurse, teacher, lawyer, doctor or social worker). The tuition fees for the sisters are currently covered by Frederick Thomas and his family.
Only after this long training period (approx. 6 years in total) should the young nuns leave the convent and move to the coastal villages to live and work there. Well-educated women with a spiritual background are held in high regard by the local population and can bring about positive changes in society.
Their participation in the villages to support the animators is then desired and planned. A learning project (“Tuitions” programs) will be particularly important in the future. The children from the village schools need help with their homework so that they can successfully pass the annual transfer exams. Only with a good school leaving certificate do they have a chance to learn a trade later on.

Since 2016, five trained nuns have been teaching with great pride in the Marion Public School, for which they receive a salary. At the same time, they complete a distance learning course with the aim of obtaining a bachelor's degree (natural science, English).


As of 05/2019: In the vicinity of the two existing monastery buildings (novices and nuns) there is now the newly built, two-story house for the 22 postulants. It consists of 3 classrooms, a small chapel, kitchen and dining room, 2 large dormitories with bunk beds, a guest room, 3 rooms for the senior nurses and a reception area.

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