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Review 2009

Donation from Lienz / Austria

in December 2009


Elaine Hofer from Lienz is donating to BETHSAIDA for the third time this year. All income from your POV study group -friends help friends- we thank you very much

Chor Wiepenkathen informs itself about BETHSAIDA

November 23, 2009


So far, the Wiepenkathen Choir has given benefit concerts for BETHSAIDA three times and donated the proceeds for the orphanages and the home for the elderly. On November 23rd, about 20 choir members watched our film about life in the orphanages and in this way created a personal approach to our commitment. A wealth of questions and suggestions sparked discussions and contributed to the fact that the evening was much more than just an information event.


We look forward to the interest and to the next concert.

School class at the Julianum Helmstedt grammar school is committed

July 01, 2009


The former Staderin Angela Heinemann née Rabe has been a music teacher at the Julianum grammar school in Helmstedt for many years. After the tsunami disaster four and a half years ago, she and her daughters did an extraordinary job for BETHSAIDA and have always remained committed to Frederick Thomas' social commitment.

In the past few months, Angela's class 6FL has collected donations for BETHSAIDA through various campaigns: selling cake at school, helping with household and gardening among friends and at her final concert as a string class.


This resulted in a considerable amount of money, for which we would like to thank you on behalf of the orphans from BETHSAIDA.

Benefit concert was a great success

March 23, 2009


The 3rd benefit concert of the Wiepenkathen Choir, which was organized together with the Rainbow Children, was again a great success. Under the direction of Harald Winter and Yvy Hübner-Myska, all singers offered a rich repertoire of songs from different eras and countries for two hours.

The visitors liked it very much and donated 800 euros. The check was presented by Kristin Nygaard and her board on March 23rd.


In the course of the past year the choir has already donated a considerable amount from a collecting house. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all singers and donors

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