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Schools with dormitory

The schools with dormitories Rosa Mystica Residential School for boys  and  St. Therese Residential School for girls  were built for the accommodation and schooling of disadvantaged boys and girls who come from the villages of the nearby coastal region. Most of the children and young people in the "residential schools" come from backgrounds below the poverty line, from unsustainable social situations or from low-income families with only one parent. Upbringing and teaching give them better chances for their future lives.  


Children and young people of all castes and religions in need are accepted into BETHSAIDA. Upbringing and teaching should give them a better start in life.


Once a month and during the holidays, the children go to their relatives in order to maintain contact with family, friends and their village of origin. Every second Saturday they can be visited by their relatives in the dormitories.


By the time they graduate from high school, the students will have acquired knowledge of the humanities, natural and social sciences, as well as computer science and housekeeping. Sports and arts subjects are also taught.


Graduations from the Rosa Mystica and St. Therese Schools are highly regarded. The aim is for as many of the young school leavers as possible to receive solid vocational training and for their wish for a well-paid and meaningful job to come true.


Since the number of orphans has decreased in recent years, the school classes have become smaller, which enables a more intensive upbringing and better school lessons for the children and adolescents. These facilities are no longer restricted to full orphans, but also to otherwise disadvantaged boys and girls.
More children are living at home with their families and are attending the Marion Public School .
The Marion Public School is a mixed, English-language day school for children from the region who would normally have little access to regular education due to their social background.

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