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Rosa Mystica Residential School

School with dormitory for boys


In 1989 the first orphans were accepted into the former monastery rooms of BETHSAIDA. The original house has long since become too small and in 1995 today's dormitory for boys was built in the immediate vicinity, which currently consists of three large buildings. Boys aged 9 to 18  Years of living and learning in this school complex. For a long time it is no longer just orphans who are allowed to use this facility.


A library, a room for computer lessons, a chemistry and physics room are available. The classrooms are equipped with simple benches in which the boys sit close to each other. The dormitories are extremely simply furnished with small, iron bunk beds and a sleeping pad woven from old clothes. The boys are looked after in the huge dining room with old wooden tables and benches. The sanitary facilities are outdoors and were newly built in 2007.


The sloping terrain in front of the building was lavishly terraced in 2006 in order to expand the playground and build a new sports field. In 2008 the school building was expanded again with an extension with a large assembly hall and 4 classrooms.


There is a well for the water supply on the site. Since this has been "exhausted" for a while, digging has to be carried out elsewhere to ensure the water supply.


Headmistress is a young woman. The teachers on the team are  young, dynamic and extremely motivated.


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