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"Friendship with India -

a friendship for life "

The association "Support for Bethsaida - Friendship with India eV" supports diverse and demanding educational and social projects in Kerala, South India, which are named after their location, BETHSAIDA.


In BETHSAIDA, people are picked up where they are on their way through life and where they need support. For example, there are schools with dormitories and vocational training centers for children and young people, work and training centers have been established for young women without training, so-called animators support people in the surrounding fishing villages and day care centers are available for the elderly.

The BETHSAIDA projects form a complex unit that enables the people of an entire region to build an independent and dignified life even out of extreme poverty.

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Raffle and auction in favor of BETHSAIDA

The annual internet raffle and auction also took place in 2020, when donations have become all the more important for BETHSAIDA.

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What does Corona mean for BETHSAIDA

In our club news we regularly report on the situation in BETHSAIDA.

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Annual general meeting

Due to the corona pandemic, our 2020 general meeting had to be postponed by one year .


Report from BETHSAIDA

Board members of our German and Swiss associations share their experiences in BETHSAIDA

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20 years of BETHSAIDA experience

A report by association member Christine Borgwardt

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Every order brings a smile


Support you too!

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